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4 Steps To Save Time And Reduce Stress When Moving

Lidieth Macicek - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

You've found the perfect new home. Both excitement and fear fill your thoughts. Moving can be stressful and full of surprise expenses. With a little preparation and organization, you CAN plan a budget-friendly, low-stress move. 

Take a deep breath and let’s think this through together. AREA Texas Realty & Management has compiled 4 easy steps to save you time and reduce stress when moving.   No matter what your circumstances are, these steps will ensure an easy transition.

“Failing to plan is like planning to fail.” Yes, we've all heard that one before but it’s great advice! Preparing for a move isn't just grabbing some boxes and filling them up. There are many important things to consider and some need to happen well in advance. 


moving dateIf you’ve purchased a home or signed a lease, there will be a date imposed when possession is yours. This doesn’t have to be your moving day. Consider cheaper rates and more flexible availability for services in the middle of the week. Some people may choose to arrange an overlap period during the move from one residence to another. Paying for two homes may be costly but it will allow more time to pack, move and set up your new place.  


movertruck Book Movers, a truck, and appointments for related services such as utilities and cable hook-ups at your new home. Disconnect services at your current home, as soon as you have confirmed your moving date.   If you are moving into a high-rise, contact the Building Manager or Concierge well in advance to reserve the date and time for the elevator, ensure that moving pads will be installed to eliminate any damage and to enquire if there are other rules that must be followed during their move. 

Will you use a professional moving company? Ask around for recommendations from those who have used similar services. Information on how to choose reputable, ethical and professional movers is available from the Office of Consumer Affairs at:  


movingbinderHaving one place to organize contracts and documents related to your move is invaluable. During the moving process things tend to get misplaced during purging and packing. If you only have one place to put things and look for things, you will save a lot of time, headache and maybe even money. Organize the binder into categories. We have compiled a suggested list of tabs for your binder:     

Task List /Checklist - a detailed to-do list broken down into time frames. 

Utilities - To keep track of appointments: who, where, what, and when. 

Loan Documents - For easy access and reference. These items can find a new permanent home after the move. 

Receipts - Any purchases that will be made relating to the move or your new home. A great plan incase something needs to be returned or exchanged Movers - This section is for your moving company or truck rental contract & contact numbers of those helping you. Builder/Realtor/Landlord - Any contact numbers and paperwork from the professionals related to your new home. 

Inventory List - A printed copy of a basic spreadsheet tracking furniture and boxes with their contents sorted by room. This is invaluable for those helping you unload as well. 

Schedules - This section is for appointments, moving company schedule, etc… a simple list sorted chronologically will do or if you are more visual, print out a blank calendar and fill in the details of closing appointments, walk-throughs, movers times, utility hook up times, etc.. *Most of the paperwork in the binder will later be filed. What is not needed will be sent to the recycling bin.  


checklistmoveoutThis is a detailed list including deadlines of all the little things that need to be done before, during and after your move.  We will provide a suggested list to use as a starting point that you can add to if you have unique circumstances in our 4 steps to save time and reduce stress when moving details blog post.  This can be the first thing for your binder!

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